Money Back Insurance Plans

A money back plan is an endowment plan that generates regular cash back at periodic intervals so that you can fulfil your dreams and aspirations. It is a plan where a percentage of the sum assured is given back to the insured at regular intervals, instead of a lump- sum at the end of the term.

This policy is suitable for individuals who are not willing to take a risk with their money. Through a money back policy, they can save by keeping an insurance plan as the tool and also maintain liquidity all along. In case of death of the insured person, the nominee receives the entire sum assured along with the survival benefits.


  • Flexible to choose policy term

  • The insured will receive proportion of the basic sum assured as cash lump sum at regular intervals within the policy term

  • The plan can be structured based on your short-term and long-term financial goals by choosing the amount of targeted savings and the policy term

  • On maturity, the insured will receive the balance amount along with additional bonuses for the entire sum assured calculated for the complete term

  • Above all, the insured is also allowed to pay the premiums as his/ her convenience — annually, half-yearly, quarterly or even on a monthly basis


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